What is Your Cost of the Problem?

Do You Know How Much the Investments in Your 401(k) Are Costing You?

Shawn McGuire, CFP®

Matthew Gaude, Financial Advisor

What is your cost of the problem?

Every individual company 401(k) retirement plan participant currently owns a handful of laggard investments. This phenomenon creates an investment performance gap between the investments you currently own and the default menu of company 401(k) investments available to you. 

That lag in investment performance creates a performance gap which we call "cost of the problem." The "cost of the problem" puts a dollar amount on exactly how much it has cost you to guess at which company 401(k) retirement plan investments to own.  

Lagging investments are the worst kind of theft in your 401(k) retirement plan. These investments cost too much and have a poor record of investment performance. Laggard investments do not go up as much as the overall stock market and go down at a faster rate when the stock markets fall.

Buy and hold, asset allocation, diversification, target date investments, life cycle, and auto enrollment continue to be promoted to individual 401(k) plan participants. These tools may try and help individual plan participants and plan sponsors. But the reality is that 401(k) plan participants do not have the time, expertise or the inclination to take advantage of these tools.  

What dollar amount would you be willing to invest on an annual basis in order to close the gap between your past retirement plan investment performance and the investment performance that has been available elsewhere in your retirement plan menu over the same time period?

To find out what your cost of the problem is, enter your information below so we can show you how much you are losing on your investments in your 401K plan.

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